Iconic’s cutting board is made from food-safe hard white maple. As a cutting board is a focal point in the kitchen, it was designated as our flagship product. Aside from the ergonomic grips and indents, a resting place for knives was incorporated to reduce the risk of injury when preparing food.


The Bottle Opener is constructed using the same hard white maple shared throughout the Iconic line. The stand presents itself at an attentive angle to signal the user. The horizontal resting of the corkscrew creates a harmonious balance when in the line of sight.


The Bread Bin is designed to be confidently present and provide an individual experience to the user in the kitchen.

The Cheese Platter has 3 slate plate houses that are detachable, each with a 45 degree cut for simple release. Hidden indents make the cheese plate easy to lift from any angle.

Photographer: Ben Chapman